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Marc Cerutti Producer Director Editor AvidWith a tradition of excellence and over thirty-five years of production business experience, Cerutti Productions provides a complete creative and production-oriented team to produce independent film & television projects, commercials, music videos and films & videos for corporate, industrial and institutional clients worldwide. We are dedicated to producing broadcast-quality work at all benchmarks, and approach every project with creativity and dedicated professionalism. Our creative efforts have been recognized and honored with numerous industry awards.

Dedication begins with an understanding and knowledge of the client's needs, combined with the talent to project a strong concept and point of view.  Cerutti welcomes involvement in every phase of the production process.  The result is a polished, entertaining product that sparks interest and attention while promoting effective communication when appropriate.  Additionally, Cerutti films and videos are emotionally affecting . . . they are never dull.

Cerutti Productions is a full-service organization with particular expertise in all phases of film and video production to fit any budget, any deadline and delivery in any market.  Services include research, concept and script development, casting, set design, the highest quality direction, production and post-production editing capabilities, both film and video, through distribution and foreign language translations and conversions.

We provide advice and complete service to meet a variety of creative and production needs and give the best possible finished product with state-of-the-art technology and old-fashioned, personal attention.  Daily computer-based tracking of all expenditures, invoices and shipping schedules assures constant tracking of production costs and delivery deadlines.  Cerutti's single-source method eliminates costly intermediaries and provides for better creative continuity, smooth economical production and on-time, on budget delivery.

Reflecting the creative backgrounds of his associates, Marc Cerutti has applied his innovative approach to a broad range of products and services . . .  from product research and development, corporate communications, training videos and music videos to in-store promotions, commercials and television broadcast specials.

As a former New York City based production company, there is a wealth of state-of-the-art resources and talent at our fingertips for productions in that area.  To complement the nucleus of Cerutti Productions' creative and production personnel, we employ a team of exceptionally qualified freelance craftspeople to ensure the highest standards of filming and production.

For any location, Cerutti has access to, and experience with a network of top creative and technical personnel world-wide and have open accounts and good relationships with equipment rental companies, casting agencies and crews in all major cities in the United States.  Some production locations require bringing full crew, equipment and talent in, while others allow for local resource use.  We use the optimum combination of on-location and local based personnel in order to meet every production and budget requirement for each job.

We apply to every project the exact type of service it requires without incurring needless expenses or cost overruns.  We can work in any country, in any language and on any budget.

Cerutti Productions has long-standing production experience and clearances with many U.S. Government agencies.  Marc Cerutti has been directing commercials. films and videos for many departments of the Military, the New York City Housing Authority, the NYC Police Department and U.S. Secret Service.  We are a company familiar with the rigid approval processes and other requirements specific to producing a job for any large Governmental agency.

To inquire about rates or additional capabilities please contact:

Marc Cerutti
Cerutti Productions, Inc.
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