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Over 35 years of production experience in advertising, marketing and entertainment.  Extensive acumen with bidding, estimating and producing TV commercials, documentaries, network promos, television programming and music videos for advertising agencies, corporations, marketing firms, design studios and TV networks.

Industry recognized award-winning producer, writer, director and editor for long and short form. Broad creative project management experience from initial concept to final delivery.

Extensive experience with business, technical and creative leadership of large and small budget environments including the directing and negotiating of all associated on and off-air talent.

Oversee creation of CGI 2D/3D graphics and animation including creative development and technical production capabilities. Manage large teams of internal and external personnel to optimize web, mobile, TV and other media platforms including re-purposing materials and optimizing production and post-production efforts for additional markets and revenue streams.

Ability to tactically and strategically take ownership in a fiscally conservative and responsible manner overseeing large cost centers of talent, camera, lighting, audio, location and set management resources and the entire post production process.

Great success in achieving superior results within strict budget and deadline constraints. Extensive experience with contract, legal and business affairs negotiations and drafting and modifying complex legal agreements to optimize return.

Ability to manage consistent and effective modality within marketing, public relations and commercial sponsorship by utilizing primary and secondary research data to optimize marketing strategies. Skilled in formulating marketing plans, budgets, documentation, metrics and analyses for internal and external interests.

Unique ability to direct, train, mentor, hire and develop all levels of business, technical and creative staff to lower turnover and improve performance.

Areas of Strategic and Tactical Competency
Creative, Business & Technical

Creative Development ● Creative Direction ● Monetization of Creative Product ● Marketing ● Contract and Deal Negotiations ● Crew and Human Resource Management ● Budget and Schedule Management ● Budget Reconciliation and Reporting ●  Creative Writing and Research ● Site, Location and Logistics Execution ● Casting ● Set Design ● Studio Management ● Consistent On Time and On Budget Production Management ●  Editorial Management and Participation ● Technical Management of SD and HD Delivery and Archiving ● Process Optimization to Increase Productivity ● Multiple Simultaneous Project Management ● Function Tactically and Strategically in all of the above


Producer, Director, Editor, Writer
President - Cerutti Productions, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas

2002 - present

Write, produce, direct and edit TV commercials and various corporate communications for clients that include Clear Channel Radio (Q101, KJ97, Mix 96, WOAI, Joe Pags), Fieldstone Homes, FBD Frozen Beverage Dispenser, Regional & National Political Campaigns, San Antonio Water System (w/George Strait), Thompson Marketing, LKM Advertising, The Richards Group, Garcia 360, Sosa & Sosa, Georgia Pacific, TDECU, UFCU, PSCU, Artpace, Wellmed, HoltCAT, TXDOT and New Jersey Tourism Board Campaign.

Direct client contact; responsible for proposal creation, script writing, budget creation, deal and contract negotiations. Total project controls for budgets, creative process and delivery. Including, but not limited to producing, directing, casting, set design, art direction, videography, picture and sound editing, visual effects and traffic of final commercials.

Producer, Director, Editor, Writer
President - Cerutti Productions, Inc. - New York City, NY

1981 - 2002

Responsible for overseeing the development, financing and day-to-day operations of a full-service production and post-production/finishing company, located in Midtown Manhattan.

Managed, hired and supervised all full time and freelance sales, production and creative personnel.  Conducted client contract negotiations, vendor identification and selection and the purchasing of production and post-production equipment.

Worked directly with clients creating and submitted proposals, bids, and budgets, negotiated contracts for distribution, licensing and marketing, Created and maintained complex production and delivery schedules and managed all aspects of film and video projects from concept inception through final delivery. Specifically proposed concepts, performed supporting market research, wrote scripts, produced, directed and edited a variety of projects simultaneously.

From a Business Affairs perspective I created and negotiated contracts for music licensing, product sales participation, freelance creative contracts, vendor contracts, location contracts, SAG, AFTRA, various union contracts, television distribution contracts and home video distribution contracts. Identified sources and obtained production and Errors and Omissions insurance as required.

Evaluated markets and created new businesses opportunities by forming strong, strategic business alliances. Helped clients optimize production workflow and capital return with innovative ideas and re-purposing of materials for cross-platform dissemination. Managed the direction and creation of commercial package and logo designs.

Worked directly with attorneys to structure and secure financing from equity investors for TV programming. Evaluated, solicited and tracked incoming projects for potential development. Oversaw and performed casting, set design, art direction, filming, editing, visual effects, audio production, cinematography and Steadicam operations.

Managed the direction and execution of maintaining creative vision and intent while allowing for adjustments and enhancements in response to markets or new data.  Built a noted reputation for being accountable for every strategic and tactical detail of a project and bringing it to fruition on-time and under budget.

Produced “Dancing In The Dark” music video with Bruce Springsteen for director Brian De Palma.

Wrote, produced and directed a 2-hour live PPV special from Paradise Island - “Real Men Don’t Watch Pre-Game” – sponsored by Playboy, Hawaiian Tropic, Hooters and NFL Sports Cheerleaders,

Produced and edited 26 concert shows for Sumfest - Reggae Montego Bay in 1992.

NOTED CLIENTS: Airborne, American Express, AT&T, Bates, USA, Barclay's  Bank, BMW, Brother, Ceran  Glass, Christian  Dior, Citibank, CocaCola, Cotton, Inc., Del  Labs, The  Discovery  Channel, Doremus  &  Company, DuPont, Continental Airlines, EMI  Records, Esquire  Magazine, Estee  Lauder, Flame  Glow, Foundation  For  The  Blind, GE  Americom & GE Astrospace, Givenchy, Griffin  Bacal  Advertising, Guess Jeans, Hammond  Farrell Advertising, Hasbro, Johnson  & Johnson, Kal Kan, Kimberly-Clark, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, Mars, MasterCard, McGraw  Hill, Meredith  Publishing, Met  Life, Mobil Oil, New  York  City  Housing  Authority, New York City Police Department, Philip  Morris, Piaget  Watches, Prudential, Playboy, RJR  Nabisco, Sally  Hansen, Schott  Glass, Sharp  Electronics, Spiegel, Teacher's  Insurance, The Federal Reserve, United  States  Secret  Service, U.S.  Army  &  Army  Reserve, U.S. Coast Guard, VISA  U.S.A., WWOR  Television, Xerox.

Producer, Director, DP, Editor, Writer

1975 - 1979

I cut my teeth in the film business by working on 78 Big Blue Marble shows over the course of 3 seasons. I was the 5th employee of what was to become a staff of 26 full-time production and post-production employees and hundreds of free-lance creatives that were sent around the world to film the first international children’s TV series. With production and film editorial rooms under the same roof, I was able to be involved in all aspects of the show. I had access to cameras, Nagras, lighting and Moviolas. I worked my way up the ranks quickly and learned all the aspects of technical assistant editing and creative picture, music and sound effects editing, mixing and release print color correcting. I was the youngest film editor in IATSE Local 711. I will be forever grateful to all those great, creative people who taught me and gave me countless opportunities to learn and grow.

During the off seasons at Big Blue Marble I met senior executives who offered me a wide selection of free-lance work. So I started my own production company and did a variety of work on projects that include: “Oomoto” a Japanese TV documentary, “Last Train To Pittsfield” WNET TV Special, “Last Rights” WNET Children’s show, “Op Sail” Decca Marine Documentary, “Time/Life Animal Films” 60-minute shows, “The Body Human – The Vital Connection” Medcom CBS-TV Prime Time Emmy Award winning documentary series, “The Predators” Stouffer Productions NBC-TV Prime Time animal documentary narrated by Robert Redford, “Wings Over America” Paul McCartney, 35mm concert feature film, “Leonard Crowdog” WNET TV American Indian Special, “Beware The Tianic” 35mm foreign horror film, “The Man Who Loved Bears” Stouffer Productions CBS-TV Prime Time animal documentary narrated by Henry Fonda, “Death Collector” 35mm feature film starring Joe Cortese and Joe Pesce. “The Divided Trail - A Native American Odyssey” WNET TV American Indian documentary nominated for Academy Award best documentary, and “The Edge” WNET documentary.

During the golden age of budget-free sports programming, I was lucky enough to work on a number of exclusive ABC Wide World of Sports and American Sportsman Prime Time and regular specials, including “The Flight of Double Eagle II” a documentary about the first Trans-Atlantic balloon crossing, “Peter Beard and Cheryl Tieges in Africa” A photojournalist’s safari, “Women on Top” Mt. Annapurna climb by an all women team, International Race of Champions IROC w/Jackie Stewart and a few others.

In 1979 I founded the firm, Nightshade Pictures, Inc. and functioned as a Partner/Writer/Producer/Director/Cameraman and Editor. Funded by The Tape House and Editing Concepts, Nightshade Pictures developed a 26-show 1-hour documentary series I created called “The Making of a Professional.” Over an 8-month time period I created and shot the pilot “Soldier Girl” and second show “Flight School.”  We edited and developed the series with the Katz Agency, the U.S. Army and N.W. Ayer.

References available upon request.


My business, creative and technical efforts have been recognized over 89 times by numerous industry associations and festivals for specific productions in television programming, commercials, film and corporate communication projects to include:

American Film & Video Festival
AFVA - American Film & Video Association
American Society for Industrial Security
Association of Visual Communications
Cindy Awards
CINE Awards
Chicago International Film Festival
The Film Council of Greater Columbus
Galaxy Awards
Houston International Film Festival
International Film & TV Festival of New York
Intercom Film & Video Festival of Chicago
International Monitor Awards
ITVA Video Festival
Mercury Awards
Monte Carlo Film & TV Festival
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy)
National Educational Film & Video Festival
New York Film & TV Festival
Peabody Awards
Questar Awards
Society for Technical Communication
The Telly Awards
U.S.A. Film Festival
U.S. Industrial Film & Video Festival

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